Fernando Criollo

"In order to the force of the Hanan Pacha can exist, its light must first be presented to the puma, who demands the light to begin crawling like a snake above the entire Kay Pacha to wake him up, to give him life. While the universe is born, the first internal pulsations are manifested in the Uku Pacha of each one, allowing us to be the candidates in learning to collect and sculpt that same light, to offer it next to the last beat when we will undertake the trip with the condors and return to the origin."



Uku means "inner world" in English and among the Andean cosmovision it refers to everything that is under the Earth, where caves, lakes and canyons symbolize the connexions to this plane of existence, whose have been sculpted during millions of years due to due to nature's own violence, however, there are some doors to the world of Uku Pacha that have been forced by humans in a short time due to the violence that links us with history.

The territory resonates in humans and influences our spirituality. Along our path we have tried to find and represent the divine through the elements of nature such as fire, mountains or lightnings, pretending to respond to the great human enigmas. We currently live in a context in which nature has been transfigured and our link with it has been modified where concepts such as identity, truth and divinity have become fragile duplicable molds. Consciousness has become stranger, incomprehensible, more complex and more chaotic.

Uku Pacha is a ritual journey between images that emerge in form of symbols from the most intimate questions entering a transfigured territory by its own light, inspired by the articulation of impossible geographies and violence, leaving a testimony of contemporary spirituality.