Monument to the general José de San Martín, this was built for the commemoration of the year of the First Centennial of the Independence of the Peruvian Nation.

A police helicopter works as surveillance in case situations of violence arise during the marches.

Young people protest the pardon of former President Alberto Fujimori, he was sent to prison for murder by treachery, aggravated kidnapping, appropriation of public funds and misrepresentation as a tort on behalf of the state.

During a march, the protesters covered the monument of the San Martin general with a flag of Peru.

Tear gas on a deserted street after violently dispersing young protesters.

A girl inside of a car that is trying to get past a youth protest against the "Pulpín" law. ‘Pulpín’ is a slang term that comes from a juice called ‘Pulp,’ made from concentrate and the term alludes to the inexperience and greenness of youth. This is a law that the Peruvian state enacted but later repealed because it was the subject of controversy and criticism. It gave tax benefits to companies, reducing labor costs for employers but cutting labor benefits for young people.

A group of passers-by is caught in the middle of tear gas, fire shots and protesters against former President Alberto Fujimori.

In the youth march, a group of policemen take of a young man who is alone and unarmed, this type of situations are common in these protests.


Protesters burn a doll of former President Ollanta Humala, he is currently in prison in protective custody, he is accused of alleged money laundering to the
detriment of the State and conspiracy to commit a crime in the Lava Jato Case.


A woman is wrapped around lights by a large number of flashes fired by the cameras of a group of press photographers. They huddle before the woman who faces the police by herself.

The police protect themselves from the attacks by the young protesters in the march against of the "Pulpín” Law.

A security guard keeps an eye on protesters outside a television channel. The protest was against Peruvian junk television which broadcasts programs that exacerbate sexism, racism, degradation, and homophobia.

A black vulture crosses the sky during a protest.

A protester carries the flag of Peru on his back. The National Emblem stands out on it, which represents the natural riches of Peru.

A crowd of young people march against the "Pulpín" law, the controversial law promulgated and repealed by the Peruvian government.


Young protester sings several harangues at the end of the march against the pardon of former President Alberto Fujimori.


Panoramic view of Lima, capital of Peru. One of the most populated cities in Latin America.